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I like that design, besides quality work at APC prices cant beat that! It should finish up my suspension with the AGX's I just got. My 93 handles like it is on a rail almost completely nuetral. Email me at [email protected]

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davidmayernik said:
i'd be interested in one of those. pm me and let me know if its not too late
The last group buy deadline was 1/1/2005. From 8 posts up:
For those interested in the Active Tuning RSTB, there's another group buy started - deadline Jan 14 2005:
If you would still like to buy one: (from 2 posts up)
Originally Posted by B13boy
Will the bar ever be for sale not as a group buy?

Yes, it is available here:

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jp314 said:
As far as finish goes, with an all aluminum brace, I'll just leave the finish as is. With steel brackets, I could get them zinc plated, without too much more expense.

Here's a copy of an e-mail I just sent to the se-r list:

> From: "Kevin J. Hart" <[email protected]>
> But will the seat fit back over that bar without any modifcations? And how
> noticeable is it? Omer's seat goes on no problem and the bar isnt
> noticeable

The seat fits back in place fine. You don't notice
it's there, unless you push back into the seat real
hard - It would probably be the same with Omer's.
Omer - care to try it?
The bar doesn't stick out past the 'seat mount
flange' much at all. I'm also going to use 7/8" or
3/4" hex in the final design.

> From: [email protected]
> Has anyone actually put one of these bars on, and if so, have you felt any
> difference in the handling?

I have only driven home and back to work since installing
it, so I'm not sure yet.
Read this thread:

"These make a pretty big differance. The rear of a b13 is about as stiff as a noodle. A sun roof makes it even worse." - Joel W. (random thoughts)

"You are exactly right. It made a *very* noticable difference. The car understeers much less and will hold a line much better. I can even get the car to drift now rather than plow, but the rest of my suspension obviously helps with that also."
- Omer Khan

> From: [email protected]
> does the sheet metal bracket have to be 3/8 or can i get away with 1/8
> stainless?my konig front bar is pretty thin so i really dont see the need
> for the extra weight.

I used 5/16" thick with counterbored holes for the flange
nuts because that's the closest size we had in stock.
The final design will be 3/16" or 1/8" steel, or 1/4"
aluminum with c'bored holes for the flange nuts.
Also, look at your front bar. If it's like the 'Courtesy'
front STB, the brackets are stampings, with formed ridges.
These add a lot of strength, allowing the use of thin
sheet metal. The center bar is solid aluminum hex bar,
it is pretty rigid.

Estimated weights for complete brace:
Steel brackets, blocks:
w/ 3/4" hex Al bar = 6.5 lbs.
7/8" = 7.3 lbs.
1" = 8.2 lbs.
Aluminum brackets, blocks:
w/ 3/4" hex Al bar = 3.9 lbs.
7/8" = 4.7 lbs.
1" = 5.6 lbs.

The first one was made on manual equipment, with higher
quantities, we'll use the CNC's and will be much faster.
Ballpark pricing so far:
5 @ $85, 10 @ $65, 25 @ $55, 50 @ $50.
I think we can make them for less - if there's enough
interest, I'll have the CNC programs written and have
a better estimate on the price.

Josh Palmer
1993 SE-R
don't tell me i'm too late:eek: but i;m interested in one as well...... [email protected]

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Are you doing a front strut brace? also, I am interested in the set up of your rear strut brace and the price seems pretty reasonable. I have a 93 Sentra XE not the SE-R will it still fit?
my email is [email protected]
('^^') Atomic Batteries to Power...Turbines to Speed...To the Batcave

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hey Josh,
wondering if this rear strut tower for B13 Sentras is still available?
my email is [email protected]
nissanrocks is my name here on this forum

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I know theres no way to adjust camber on the stock 93 B13 Sentra XE, ive seen kits avail for like 40-50b bucks so is that a better deal than spending the higher price to get it done professionally?
just wondering
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