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And the build begins

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E15et stock numbers 94whp 105wtq

Project goals are 240whp 220 wtq

in an N13

the chassis has been under going slight modifications

the front rotors are power slots with the Nx2000 brake upgrade

the rears are also the rear discs off of a Nx2000

the suspension is eibach ERS springs raped around tokicos

and full weight with me in the car an about 1/2 filled tank is 2018lbs

hoping in the end to see well into 12s... but we will see
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I got 116 rep points, so Nyaah nyaah! :p

--i might loose them if i dont stop highjacking threads about it taught---
Slacky said:
how does one aquire rep points
Dunno, but I feel so loved!
Judging from a few recent posts, it may seem possible, but I wouldn't know how reliable it'd be...or how low you'd have to set the wastegate.
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