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KA24Tech said:
The Z32 TT has a R230V and the Z32 N/A has the R200V diff where the 240 has a R200 or the R200V so the ring gear diameter (8.07 in.) is the same on the N/A Z32 and has the same gear ratio at 4.083. The Z32 TT has a 9.06 in. diameter and a gear ratio of 3.692. My point being I don't think the LSD from the Z32 TT will fit in the case for the 240SX. I think it would be much easier to swap the whole diff from the N/A Z32, the J30 or even the Q45 (gear ratio is 3.538).

Z32 NA will require S13 cover to fit. You will need 5 bolt axles tho.
Z32 TT won't work.
I know, I was taking my NA Z32 diff off the subframe just today ;)
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