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So my 2000 SE has been making some weird noises on startup. Well since I don't know that much about cars......I figured I'd ask all the smart people on this forum. So we decided that is must be the belts. Well I tried to take a look at the belts but of course they are right up against the sidewall. But in looking down there i saw a part that was loose. Well I could actually pull the part out....I took a photo and posted a thread asking what it was. Well the answer unamimously was it is a hood latch.....funny cause my hood latches fine. AHHH.....shoot!!!! I remembered driving through a tunnel a week ago and hitting something in my lane. It was this hood latch that was thrown up into my engine bay where it had remained wedged till I saw it there. Anyways i took the car to Pepboys and they replaced both belts for under $100. And now my car sounds fine at startup.
So the moral of the story is....dig around in your engine bay and see what you can find!!!!!
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