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I bought an 89 240sx last month, got a working stereo last week. The speakers are all blown. Not completely, but definite poor sound quality.

I also want an amp to get more power, good sound quality. What is the best ebay find on an amp/speaker combo. I am on a tight budget, and do not have a lot of time to mess around with what setup is most convenient for an older Nissan?

I have a gigantic subwoofer that I used to use to power my drum machine and PA system. It has a 15" speaker on top and an 8" speaker on the side. It has a 1/4" instrument jack on it. I used it with my instruments untill the cats decided it was a scratch post.

It is fairly hideous now...but what kind of amp wattage do I need to power that? ANd do I have to do extra wiring to prevent noise, and/or to supply enough power?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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