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Hi all,
I'm having two problems with my 1998 pathfinder

1) How do I stop the buzzing when listening to AM radio? The buzzing pattern, loudness, is directly effected by the RPM or using another electric device (adjusting mirror, turning on wipers, etc). I don't remember this being a problem until the past couple months.

Why might this start now? (could I have messed up some cable or connector while replacing the fog lamp switch/harness?)

2) My front seat belts won't retract anymore - driver's side the worse. I unhook and get out of the car and the seat belt falls out of the truck, and the door closes on it, or won't close at all. Urgh. I've tried adjusting some things - no luck. I took it to my auto mechanic who checked with Nissan before he worked on it. They told him it was covered on my "lifetime warranty." Wow! Is this true? If so, so I just take it to any Nissan dealer and they have to fix it for free?

Thanks for any feedback.

110,000 miles
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