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I recently joined this website looking for help with my sentra, but noone has replied, i hope i didnt do something wrong or offended any one in anyway, i am a newbie and freaking out over this car.... Can someone help. This is close to my original post......................Hello I have a 2002 sentra, q 1.8 great car. Until recently. Got a check engine light
autozone said p1217 so i changed the temp sensor and the thermostat. still nothing. I drive with a scanner plugged in and the temp goes to 401 degreesf , then back to 190which has to be wrong then it starts bucking and will stall. also i can not get it over 2000rpm sometimes. And it stll gives p1217 and now 0117 i cant figure what the problem could be. I need some serious help as i share this car with my daughter.... also temp gauge is at half but car feeels real hot. could there be air in the system????
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