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Altima Issues around 200k miles

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I have an 08 Altima with about 175k miles on it. Purchased back in 2015 from a family friend that I know took good care of it maintenance-wise.

What are some common issues people are seeing as I near 200k miles? Want to make sure I am prepared for what is to come, and also if it would be worth selling the car before a point where big issues arise.

I take good care of the car, change oil (High Mileage Full-Synthetic) every 5k-6k miles. It has no frame rusting and extremely minimal exterior rust. No major issues since I have owned the car. I replaced the front springs/suspension (not sure if that is what they are actually called) shortly after buying the car, but otherwise have had no significant issues.

2.5L 4-cylinder engine

Any help or comments are appreciated!
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CVT fluid changes of course, every 30K if you want to keep it healthy. The QR25's are very solid and won't have the slightest issues with the oil diet you're feeding it. Stuff like power steering and brake fluid should be flushed out if they haven't been already, especially brake fluid because it's hygrophilic. Dunno how extensive your front end repairs were, things like control arm bushings and wheel bearings will start to fail at that sort of mileage.
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