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Hi and Happy New Year. :cheers:

First, let me apologize. I know next to NOTHING about cars. Is that bad? No, because I keep my mechanic well-employed!

I just bought my daughter a used 99 Altima. I have treid, seriously, I have, to figure out if it is front- or rear-wheel drive, and I can't. Also, whether or not it has ABS.

So, here's the VIN [1n4dl01d3xc273054]. Can anyone please help a not-too-bright guy out? :dumbass:



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ALL altimas, from 93-present are front wheel drive or FWD. dont worry about not knowing anything, thats what techs and bulletin boards are for. :) i dont think yours has ABS... but im not positive. ill see what i can find out though.
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