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Hi folks,

I just bought a used altima a few days ago. It runs great and it's manual :D. So i was driving home from work today with my sound pretty much maxed out (factory speakers, the NDSS (clarion) model, not the Bose). All of a sudden, there's no more sound. I restarted the car and still no sound, not from any one of the speakers. It feels as if its an electrical problem (ie a blown fuse) but it could be that ALL the speakers simultaneously blew out. I checked the fusebox and on the panel, there was only 1 fuse that's for the audio/mirror. Since my mirror works fine, i assume that fuse is still good.

So my question is: How can i diagnose if its an electrical problem (loose wires, deck etc...) or my speakers actually blew out (all 4 of them i guess).

If i were to replace my speakers, how many do i have to replace? I think there are 4 in total ( i just got this car).

Other than that, the car drives good. Hard to shift to 1st gear but I think that's pretty common.


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