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I Have a stock vg30e in my datsun 510.
I used a tbi intake manifold off a pathfinder and addapted a 500cfm carb to it.

ok ok.. please dont hate.. hear me out..

the doaner engine i used has around 200k on it , and lifters are clickin and i just feel its going to go soon.

I want to go with the vg33e next time and swap all of my parts over ( headers, dist, ect ect.... but The vg33e and vg30e heads have different water jackets? where exactly? IF i can use my intake manifold on the vg33e, then im set to go. but im afraid the water jackets are different and the vg33e intake manfold wont match the vg33 heads.

Little input please- Thanks a ton-

sorry.. no current pics. but this is the jist of it

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