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Who hoo!

I got 559 hp and 549 lb/ft of torque at 24 psi of boost burning a mxture of VP C16 with a little pump gas. I probably could have gotten more but I did not have enough preload on the internal wastegate cans and they were blowing open due to backpressure so I could not get more boost than that.

I figure with some tweeking I might be able to run as much as 26 psi on these particular turbos if I jack the wastegate preload way up.

On 91 octane pump gas I made 495 hp and 490 lb/ft of torque at 20 psi with water injection.

The motor is really smooth on the dyno, most high powered cars I have dynoed sound like they are about to blow, but mine is smooth and quiet. Maybe its the Fisher balancer.


You have one sweet car man... im new to the forum and i must say that you have one bad car.... i wish that my Z was half of what your is;]

hey mike awsome car. ive been watching the build up for years. i know you didnt build it for the 1/4 mile but im shure we could do a little better than that 12 sec pass. i ran a 11.754sec @ 116.288 on stock turbos. my 60 ft was 1.697. my car is is a white 91 ztt with 101 miles and engin and turbos were never replaced . you can check out my time slip on www.z32racing .com .look under top 5 stock tts. mine is #1 . you should expect much more from that monster you built. it truely is beutifull if you need a driver im always willing:)


91 300zx tt white :

jwt single pop intake
jwt ecu
greddy profec b boost controller
greddy sp exhaust
rzt 3"down pipes
rzt 2"1/2 test pipes
rc 555 1njectors
Mickey Thompson ET street tires 26x11.5-16
rps clutch
#6 spark plugsand
and NO nos!!!
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