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I command you to SEARCH
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I sent out PM's to everyone that was interested.

Please respond to the PM if you intend ojn showing up to the BBQ.

I command you to SEARCH
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Ok, here is the list of people that have returned my PM's concerning the BBQ. members
iansw + 1
Tripple8Sol members
sethticlees members
MightyMouse + 1
Primer + 1
Spec240SX + 1

NW Nismo Syndicate members
Me & Jamie
Jason & Christie
Travis & Becca?

Here is a list of people, who said they are coming, but did not return the PM. I'm assuming that they will still make it. = global-threat + 1 and 98maxblackwind = Scorchin200SX = VuDuDoc and Konkman = ccroaddog and QR25SpecV = Nissan-S15-Silvia + 2 and SE-Rdragger

I guess Jason was at the track, and a bunch of other Nissan owners said they would be showing up. So-, I might add 5 - 8 more to the above list.

If the only people to show up are the ones that replied to the PM, there will be 22/23 people. If the others show there will be around 35 to 40 people.

I bought 40 hamburgers, and 24 hotdogs.
I think I'll need to pick up some more hamburgers

See you all on Saturday!

P.S. Samo, we have the vegi-burgers covered as well :D
21 - 22 of 22 Posts