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Wiring diagram for 98 nissan sentra/200sx

This car is a cinch for putting an alarm in:

Item: Wire Color: Polarity: Location:
12v: White/Red + Ignition Harness

Starter: Black/Yellow + Ignition Harness

2nd Starter: Balck/Blue + Ignition Harness

Ignition: Black/White + Ignition Harness

Acc: Blue & Black/Pink + Ignition Harness

Lock: Gray - White harness in
Unlock: Purple/Silver Dots - driver's kick panel
above fuse box

Park Lights: Red/Blue + Below steering column

Head Lights: Grn/Org(L) + At steering column
Pink/Blue (R) (separate L & R)

Door Trigger: Red/White - driver's kick panel

Trunk Pin: Red/Silver Dots - Switch or light in trunk

Factory Alarm
Arm: Light Green/Red - Driver's Kick Panel
Disarm: Green/Yellow - Driver's Kick Panel

Tachometer: Green Coil, Instrument Panel

Brake Wire: Red/Green + Brake Pedal Switch

Left Front
Up: Green(U) A In drivers door or
Down: Blue(D) A White harness in
Right Front driver's kick
Up: Red/White(U) A panel
Down: Red/Black(D) A
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