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This guy who claims to know all about the GA doesnt really know anything?

AjRaCeR805 [6:48 PM]: hey cack, ever remove ur drive belts
AjRaCeR805 [6:48 PM]: ?
Nostrodomas23 [6:48 PM]: umm yea
Nostrodomas23 [6:48 PM]: how else would I get my ur pulley on
AjRaCeR805 [6:49 PM]: but i mean to replace them
AjRaCeR805 [6:49 PM]: after they wear and such
Nostrodomas23 [6:49 PM]: yea
Nostrodomas23 [6:49 PM]: had to replace them after I changed the pullies
Nostrodomas23 [6:49 PM]: why
AjRaCeR805 [6:49 PM]: gotta change my alternator one
AjRaCeR805 [6:49 PM]: but it looks like i have to remove my crank pulley
Nostrodomas23 [6:49 PM]: so whats your question
AjRaCeR805 [6:50 PM]: how the fuck do u get the belt off when the other one is in the way?
AjRaCeR805 [6:50 PM]: haha
Nostrodomas23 [6:50 PM]: you mean your trying to remove the rear belt?
Nostrodomas23 [6:50 PM]: with out taking the front one off
AjRaCeR805 [6:51 PM]: ok, well u know how the UR pulley has a place for 2 belts
Nostrodomas23 [6:51 PM]: yea
AjRaCeR805 [6:51 PM]: the alternator is in the back(closest to motor)
AjRaCeR805 [6:51 PM]: and the other belt is closer to the wheel
Nostrodomas23 [6:51 PM]: you have to take off bolth
Nostrodomas23 [6:51 PM]: to get the back one off
AjRaCeR805 [6:51 PM]: ok, but i know how to remove the the back one with the tensioner pully, but how do u get the other one off?
Nostrodomas23 [6:52 PM]: there is another tensioner
Nostrodomas23 [6:52 PM]: the one you used is where by the firewall?
AjRaCeR805 [6:52 PM]: the tensioner i use is closest to the alternator
Nostrodomas23 [6:52 PM]: ok lemme go take some pics
Nostrodomas23 [6:52 PM]: brb
Nostrodomas23 [6:56 PM]: ok lemme load them
Nostrodomas23 [6:57 PM]: you suck you cant recieve file transfers
AjRaCeR805 [6:57 PM]: yes i can
Nostrodomas23 [6:57 PM]: not on that one
AjRaCeR805 [6:58 PM]: wtf?
Nostrodomas23 [6:58 PM]: try to send me something
Nostrodomas23 [6:58 PM]: nevermind
Nostrodomas23 [6:58 PM]: nope
Nostrodomas23 [6:58 PM]: maybe you have it turned off
AjRaCeR805 [6:58 PM]: ok, try sending it now
Nostrodomas23 [6:59 PM]: better
Nostrodomas23 [6:59 PM]: I have 3 pics
ATTENTION [6:59 PM]: Instant Images session started.
Nostrodomas23 [6:59 PM]: ill start with farest out to closest in
Nostrodomas23 [7:00 PM]: Instant Images
Nostrodomas23 [7:00 PM]: you see it yet
Nostrodomas23 [7:00 PM]: Instant Images
AjRaCeR805 [7:00 PM]: yea, thats the tensioner pullye
Nostrodomas23 [7:00 PM]: yea
AjRaCeR805 [7:00 PM]: to loosen the alternator belt
AjRaCeR805 [7:01 PM]: but there is a smaller belt in the way
Nostrodomas23 [7:01 PM]: ok then there is another one
AjRaCeR805 [7:01 PM]: r u sure? its not showing in the FSM
Nostrodomas23 [7:01 PM]: by the ac compressor
Nostrodomas23 [7:01 PM]: there are two belts and two tensioners
Nostrodomas23 [7:01 PM]: you have to remove the dust shiled in the wheel well to access
Nostrodomas23 [7:02 PM]: there is a long bolt with a square head
Nostrodomas23 [7:02 PM]: turn that bold to loosen the other belt
AjRaCeR805 [7:02 PM]: thats the tensioner screw
Nostrodomas23 [7:02 PM]: when I asked you witch one you were using, you said the one next to the alternator
AjRaCeR805 [7:02 PM]: right behind the compressor
AjRaCeR805 [7:02 PM]: 8mm
Nostrodomas23 [7:02 PM]: yea
AjRaCeR805 [7:03 PM]: well, i want to remove the alternator belt off the car
AjRaCeR805 [7:03 PM]: but i cant access it because there is another belt in the way
Nostrodomas23 [7:03 PM]: so why dont you have the two belts off
AjRaCeR805 [7:03 PM]: and i cant figure out how to remove the other belt
AjRaCeR805 [7:03 PM]: because the tensioners only loosen the alternator belt
Nostrodomas23 [7:03 PM]: one tensioner top side removes one belt
Nostrodomas23 [7:03 PM]: the lower one removes the other belt
AjRaCeR805 [7:04 PM]: top side of the motor?
Nostrodomas23 [7:04 PM]: yes
Nostrodomas23 [7:04 PM]: the one I took pics of
AjRaCeR805 [7:04 PM]: right behind the VC
AjRaCeR805 [7:04 PM]: i dont have that
Nostrodomas23 [7:05 PM]: you have to have that
Nostrodomas23 [7:05 PM]: you have a ga with ac right
Nostrodomas23 [7:05 PM]: I thaught you knew everything
AjRaCeR805 [7:05 PM]: yup
Nostrodomas23 [7:05 PM]: geez
AjRaCeR805 [7:05 PM]: haha
AjRaCeR805 [7:05 PM]: yea, i dont have that tensioner
Nostrodomas23 [7:05 PM]: you have to
Nostrodomas23 [7:05 PM]: you said that was the one you loosened
Nostrodomas23 [7:05 PM]: now it isnt
Nostrodomas23 [7:06 PM]: look at the pic again
Nostrodomas23 [7:06 PM]: you can see the top of my strut and my brace
Nostrodomas23 [7:06 PM]: thats the passenger side of the car
AjRaCeR805 [7:06 PM]: yea
AjRaCeR805 [7:06 PM]: the one i loosened is by the compressor
Nostrodomas23 [7:07 PM]: ok you need to loosen that one now
AjRaCeR805 [7:07 PM]: because the tensioner pully and that screw are linked together
AjRaCeR805 [7:07 PM]: u can tighten both
Nostrodomas23 [7:07 PM]: huh
Nostrodomas23 [7:07 PM]: thats not how I dop it
AjRaCeR805 [7:08 PM]: lol
Nostrodomas23 [7:08 PM]: are you doing this right now?
Nostrodomas23 [7:09 PM]: or goign to do it tomorrow
AjRaCeR805 [7:09 PM]: 2morrow
AjRaCeR805 [7:09 PM]: my belts are acting gay
Nostrodomas23 [7:09 PM]: so you arent even looking at your car and telling me you dont have the top tensioner
Nostrodomas23 [7:09 PM]: why are they acting gay/
Nostrodomas23 [7:09 PM]: sound funny or what
AjRaCeR805 [7:12 PM]: yea, they make noises that sound like an exhaust leak..and its causing my brake and battery lights to go on and off
AjRaCeR805 [7:12 PM]: and just fuckin with my electrical shit
AjRaCeR805 [7:12 PM]: because ive tried to remove the belts
AjRaCeR805 [7:12 PM]: no luck
Nostrodomas23 [7:12 PM]: are they in bad shape?
Nostrodomas23 [7:12 PM]: carcked and glassy
AjRaCeR805 [7:13 PM]: slight cracks..glassy maybe
AjRaCeR805 [7:13 PM]: theyre prolly just slippin on the pulleys
Nostrodomas23 [7:13 PM]: have you ever changed them?
AjRaCeR805 [7:14 PM]: never
Nostrodomas23 [7:14 PM]: ok
ATTENTION [7:14 PM]: Instant Images session ended.
AjRaCeR805 [7:15 PM]: but i know i dont have that top tensioner...maybe it fell off or something

What a tool........

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AjRaCeR805: whos that clown on ur avatar?
krylonkoopa: someone that hates me
AjRaCeR805: the man
krylonkoopa: he hates you too
AjRaCeR805: sure does
AjRaCeR805: wouldnt have it any other way
krylonkoopa: its david duke do a google
krylonkoopa: you do it
AjRaCeR805: i know who he is
AjRaCeR805: americas most famous racist
krylonkoopa: cracker you dont know shit
AjRaCeR805: yup
AjRaCeR805: then who is he
krylonkoopa: hes the former grand wizard of the kkk, he started the naaoea
krylonkoopa: hes the famous racist guy
krylonkoopa: and he wants your sex
AjRaCeR805: thats what i said
AjRaCeR805: is that clown still alive?
krylonkoopa: lol jail house style
krylonkoopa: hes in jail
AjRaCeR805: ha
krylonkoopa: he wants your ass for a couple of honey buns
AjRaCeR805: :-\
krylonkoopa: then he will wipe off his shit dick with your underwear
krylonkoopa: and make you put it back on.
AjRaCeR805: he will rape u koop
krylonkoopa: dont copy me i said that about you...
AjRaCeR805: he wants ur sex
krylonkoopa: no wait i said youll ho your self out for a honeybun
krylonkoopa: it will be like a episode of oz
AjRaCeR805: wanna see this girl im talkin 2?
krylonkoopa: sure
krylonkoopa: you put it in her ass
AjRaCeR805 wants to directly connect.
AjRaCeR805 is now directly connected.
krylonkoopa: did you i will not stop till i get the answers i desire

krylonkoopa: damn i bet she has vd
AjRaCeR805: [

AjRaCeR805: nahh
krylonkoopa: cuz only a girl with v.d would want your dick
AjRaCeR805: i told her to model with my camera phone
krylonkoopa: so you better wrap it up

AjRaCeR805: bish
krylonkoopa: and you got no nipple shots
AjRaCeR805: dont hate just cuz u cant get girls like that
AjRaCeR805: :-!
krylonkoopa: ya sucks when all I have is my fist and a couple of pics of fat girls
AjRaCeR805: :-\
AjRaCeR805: thats a step up for me
krylonkoopa: what from fat girls to v.d?....
krylonkoopa: what from fat girls to v.d?....
AjRaCeR805: naaaahhh
AjRaCeR805: compared to the girl i was talkin to before her
krylonkoopa: how old is she
AjRaCeR805: who
krylonkoopa: this girl
AjRaCeR805: 23

AjRaCeR805: i was talkin to the girl on the right before her
AjRaCeR805: shes 19 now
krylonkoopa: cool
AjRaCeR805: dang son
AjRaCeR805: im tired as shit
krylonkoopa: beat off sessions take it out of you
krylonkoopa: that pr0n
AjRaCeR805: yea
AjRaCeR805: for real
krylonkoopa: im playin mgs3
AjRaCeR805: oh ya?
AjRaCeR805: that shits gay
krylonkoopa: what ever snake eater is fucking awsome
krylonkoopa: sorry that shit is too hard for you
AjRaCeR805: hell nah
AjRaCeR805: fuck that foo
krylonkoopa: sure
krylonkoopa: sure
AjRaCeR805: haha, remember i told u about that white chick that wanted to get with me a long time ago?
AjRaCeR805: well like a year ago
AjRaCeR805: and that she was all drama?
krylonkoopa: ya was her name rebecca
krylonkoopa: did she make you feel ashamed and neglegted
AjRaCeR805: lol
krylonkoopa: well


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well i added the pics he sent me. not too bad for a guy who looks 12.

I'm Not Nice
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me weiner is all big and hard what is causing this????

oh man shit I started massaging it to get it softer cause it hurts and something just came's all sticky and shit.........oh man nasty it tastes all gooey and shit wtf is it?

man that was close my boy helped me out tho and talked me thru it

"APACHEWOOLF" [3:48 P.M.]: I think I have a problem
IforgotA [3:49 P.M.]: ?
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:49 P.M.]: my jimmy hurts
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:49 P.M.]: it's all hard and stuff
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:49 P.M.]: wtf?
IforgotA [3:49 P.M.]: thats not good
IforgotA [3:49 P.M.]: did u call a doctor?
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:49 P.M.]: I'm gonna massage it and see what happens
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:50 P.M.]: oh man wtf
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:50 P.M.]: something gooey just shot out
IforgotA [3:50 P.M.]: holy crap!!!!
IforgotA [3:50 P.M.]: call reno 911!
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:50 P.M.]: it's all stickey now
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:51 P.M.]: should I call a dr?
IforgotA [3:51 P.M.]: were u looking at a magazine when this happened?
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:51 P.M.]: no I was looking at pics on the internet
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:51 P.M.]: I must have hit it on my keyboard
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:52 P.M.]: something caused me to jerk and it hit it pretty hard
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:52 P.M.]: yuck it even tastes nasty
IforgotA [3:52 P.M.]: u tasted it?
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:53 P.M.]: yeah I went to smell it and it got on my lip
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:53 P.M.]: before I knew it I licked my lip
IforgotA [3:53 P.M.]: wow
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:54 P.M.]: ok the swelling is going away now but it's kind of hard to breath
IforgotA [3:54 P.M.]: sounds like ur tired
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:54 P.M.]: yeah I have the urge for sleep and a cig
"APACHEWOOLF" [3:55 P.M.]: aight thanks for your help man I was nervous for a sec there

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I so want to ingonre his ass, but hes so lame its funny. Ya know?
AjRaCeR805 [3:31 PM]: hey, what are those clowns u guys are using as avatars?
Nostrodomas23 [3:32 PM]: Clowns
AjRaCeR805 [3:32 PM]: but where are they from
Nostrodomas23 [3:32 PM]: wouldnt you like to know
AjRaCeR805 [3:33 PM]: yea, i wanna know
AjRaCeR805 [3:33 PM]: im not gonna use one
AjRaCeR805 [3:33 PM]: but i wanna know
Nostrodomas23 [3:33 PM]: I cant tell ya
AjRaCeR805 [3:33 PM]: if u dont tell me, the terrorist win
AjRaCeR805 [3:34 PM]: .....are u a terrorist?
Nostrodomas23 [3:34 PM]: oh well
Nostrodomas23 [3:34 PM]: They call me nosiben ladin
AjRaCeR805 [3:35 PM]: from tom landry middle school
Nostrodomas23 [3:35 PM]: nope
Nostrodomas23 [3:35 PM]: alquida terrist camp in the iraqi desert
AjRaCeR805 [3:36 PM]: what is that a museum?
Nostrodomas23 [3:36 PM]: yea for the arts
AjRaCeR805 [3:37 PM]: for the art of glazing
Nostrodomas23 [3:37 PM]: your ass foo
AjRaCeR805 [3:37 PM]: my ass?
Nostrodomas23 [3:38 PM]: mothers yo-yo assembaly speed sensor
AjRaCeR805 [3:38 PM]: oh...crazy

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AjRaCeR805: cut the malarkee!
krylonkoopa: ever try to get a good beat off session going and keep getting interupted.
AjRaCeR805: haha, nah
AjRaCeR805: never
krylonkoopa: cuz i was beating it good i mean sprawled out had some good porn on the screen. not trying to nut all quick holding off. I had my sock ready.
AjRaCeR805: LOL
krylonkoopa: then my dad stopped by then my bro stopped by.
krylonkoopa: they left
AjRaCeR805: did they catch u?
krylonkoopa: but man no
krylonkoopa: but i was like wtf wait another 3 minutes
AjRaCeR805: haha
AjRaCeR805: did u see that college prank vid where they snag a room mate jacking it?
krylonkoopa: no
AjRaCeR805: whatcha think about this bitch
krylonkoopa: no
krylonkoopa: i will noy join
AjRaCeR805: ?
krylonkoopa: says i need to be a member
AjRaCeR805: oh
krylonkoopa: save it as a jpeg and send it to me
AjRaCeR805: theyre just bitches that are tryin to hit me up
AjRaCeR805: watch
AjRaCeR805 wants to directly connect.
AjRaCeR805 is now directly connected.

AjRaCeR805: on tha rite
krylonkoopa: you sent me that pic b4

AjRaCeR805: this bitch is tryin to holla, but shes kinda nasty
krylonkoopa: she looks kinda fine how old is she
AjRaCeR805: 18
krylonkoopa: wich one
AjRaCeR805: this last one
AjRaCeR805: she talks all retarded though
krylonkoopa: put it in her mouf
AjRaCeR805: im tryin to holla at this one watch

krylonkoopa: you like to talk to them but sounds like you never hit.
AjRaCeR805: trust me, i hit
AjRaCeR805: man, im gonna get fired
krylonkoopa: so
AjRaCeR805: im on probation and i keep getting written up and in trouble
AjRaCeR805: i need a job foo!
AjRaCeR805: haha
krylonkoopa: work probation?
AjRaCeR805: yea
krylonkoopa: for what store
krylonkoopa: and for what
AjRaCeR805: and im not even past my 9days!
AjRaCeR805: sears
AjRaCeR805: for throwing shit
AjRaCeR805: not performing well
AjRaCeR805: and stupid shit like that
krylonkoopa: i knew you were 12
krylonkoopa: just do your damn job
krylonkoopa: what do you do
AjRaCeR805: sales
krylonkoopa: sales associate
AjRaCeR805: yea
krylonkoopa: that shit isnt hard
AjRaCeR805: im not 12!
AjRaCeR805: its not hard
AjRaCeR805: but we have to sell credit apps
krylonkoopa: you walk around smile and help ppl with thier shit
AjRaCeR805: no cuz were on comission
AjRaCeR805: but they want us to go around being stupid and fix all the aisles
AjRaCeR805: getting paid 4.50
krylonkoopa: you never sell credit card apps huh
AjRaCeR805: nah
AjRaCeR805: i dont like doing it
AjRaCeR805: i dont like bugging people
krylonkoopa: you need to talk to 18 yr old girls man
AjRaCeR805: cuz i dont like being bugged
krylonkoopa: spit game and sell shit
AjRaCeR805: i do talk to 18yr old girls mang
AjRaCeR805: im no R kelly
krylonkoopa: they just became old enough to get credit
AjRaCeR805: tru
krylonkoopa: be like you can buy shit
krylonkoopa: not pay it back till later
krylonkoopa: cmon man thought you said you were a hustler
AjRaCeR805: im a low budget hustler on tha low
krylonkoopa: liar
AjRaCeR805: yea man
krylonkoopa: I would be making dollars
AjRaCeR805: i do
AjRaCeR805: kinda
AjRaCeR805: i make about 13.80 an hour
krylonkoopa: 4.50 and you making no comision
AjRaCeR805: 4.50 base rate
AjRaCeR805: plus comission
AjRaCeR805: i make 13.80
krylonkoopa: you dont sell apps
AjRaCeR805: which is aight
AjRaCeR805: so what, i still sell other shit
AjRaCeR805: its all game though
krylonkoopa: sure...
AjRaCeR805: im serious
AjRaCeR805: its a game
AjRaCeR805: u go around asking people to apply for credit
AjRaCeR805: its a yes or no thing
krylonkoopa: its more than that. you have to talk


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