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Hey all, first post and all, please excuse, blah blah blah...

Anyway, 250 rwhp seems to be the magic number for the stock QR25DE (at least that's what I've found here and elsewhere), who is or will be making valve springs/retainers, pistons, rods, cams, ECU's, etc. for us?

After a few hours of research I've primarily only found "bolt-ons", what's on the horizon for the Spec V?

I am aware of the CAI's and headers, probably going to go with Hot Shot's combo package. What's the beat-all end-all exhaust system?

Any and all help appreciated, thanks in advance.

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stromung makes a good exhaust and forced induction racing makes a turbo kit ($3895.00) area 51 is making a supercharger kit. The turbo kit has greddy emanage engine management system. as for other mods see my sig
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