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Project Altima

Hey! So not only am I very new to cars, but I'm also really into racing, and I just got haned my mom's 2002 Nissan Altima 2.5s. And I had a few questions.

1. I want to keep the engine and the car, but there aren't many parts for the "Altime 2.5s" engine. However I found that the Sentra SE-R has the exact same engine. Can a slap on parts for my Altima that are made for the SE-R...say like headers and camshafts? Cold air intake?

2. What do headers and camshafts do?

3.If I wanted to plung in an EMS, would I have to modify my car first and then plug it, or can I keep adding things after I've already installed it?

4. I wanted to put a Nismo 350Z dual catback exhaust, but there is only on exhaust manifold. (am I saying that right?) Is it possible to spread the exhaust into two pipes? If so, does it do anything to either boost or lower horse power?

5. What is a short shifter and what does it do?

Thanks so much!


Slurppie said:
Here is an ongoing list of aftermartket/custom parts.

Underdrive Pullies

Unorthodox Racing Pulley Unorthodox Racing
Definitive Motor Sports, Inc, contact [email protected] Phone: (949)235-0909
Fax: (949)770-8478

VQ35 **note: QR25 uses original belts**
GATES K060408 Altenator & A/C
CarQuest - K060408
NAPA - 25-060408
AC Delco - 6K408

GATES K040300 Power Steering
CarQuest - K040300
Ultra Last - K040300
NAPA - 25-040300
AC Delco - 4K300


Stillen mufflers for both VQ35 and QR25 (mounts using OE setup) Stillen
Mossey full cat-back system for both QR25 and VQ35(eliminates resonator) Mossy Performance


AEM Intakes
Injen Intakes
Jim Wolf Technology Warm Air
JWT Intakes
Place Racing
Place Racing
Stillen Warm Air
Berk Cold Air



V6 Mid Pipes

Custom Altima

Click here to read about the installation on's Project Altima 3.5 SE.


Jim Wolf Technology

Click here to read about the installation on's Project Altima 3.5 SE.
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