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AEM does fit a B14

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Install is very straight forward and the quality of the intake is grade A+++. You have to play around with the battery relocation hardware, but its no biggie. The hole for the second pipe does need to be drilled larger than the other intakes because of the mounting brackets on the top and bottom of the second pipe. The intake does not come with the hole for the air temperature sensor, so I drilled one for it. THIS IS OPTIONAL I know of people that just let their sensor dangle around, but I don't like half-assing things. If you guys have any questions please ask.
If you do decide to get an AEM, you will need to order one for the 1994 SE-R low-port. They do not have an application for the B14.

So what do you guys think of my baby so far?

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Nice engine bay pic. I need some more info on how you go this thing to fit. I have the GA16 as well and I really like AEM and also noticed they dont make one except for the SR20. Can you explain this in great detail, sorry i am just a little slow.
If you take a look at the engine you'll see that it's a SR20. I'm sorry but I really don't know what to tell you except that you're SOL because AEM doesn't make one for the GA16.
If only I could get that 2.0 TB swap done on my B14, I could use AEM too. Looks good!
:( i wish i wish i wish...........:(
MP2050 said:
:( i wish i wish i wish...........:(
:D save up....:D
I've seen one on a GA16 at the convention in Phoenix.
The maf to TB pipe was a smaller diameter than the TB to fender pipe.
Don't remember who's car it was though.:(

What is the going rate for an AEM SE-R CAI?
I've heard $270, anyplace cheaper?
i hear they don't get below $250. i think one or 2 got one for $200 used.

i got mine for $150....3 months condition.....from a forum member.....and he installed it.

beat that.
if you want a CAI for the GA16, go place Racing....
but just to ask, is it possible to somehow fit the AEM onto a GA16?
i think there was a discussion about something similar to this before. the tb to maf pipe would have to be one made for a ga16...but all you would need for the 2nd pipe is a maf adapter plate from an se-r if i remember correctly. or you could just swap the tb, bore your intake manifold and get a se-r maf.
just remember...even you figure out how to retro-fit an AEM to a ga16, the results won't be the same as if it was on an sr20. AEM spent countless hours or r&d and dyno time to figure out which combo of tube sizes/bends would put out the most hp...but they only did it for the sr20.
that is true..but i do know that with the hotshot and place racing cai's, they are the same except for the tube from the tb to the maf. although im sure it would be different with aem since they seem to have a way of getting the most hp out of every mod they make.
Everybody, this is probably a naive question...but does the B13 SR20 (now the B14...thank you very much!!!!) AEM CAI use an airbox located in the air dam? I saw a guy (doesn't everybody "see a guy"?) with an Acura with one and wanted to make one...I didn't know if I was going to have to do the resonance testing for the intake tube myself or what.
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