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AC Compressor

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Quick Question:

I had my AC converted to R134a less than a month ago as I moved from CO to AZ (109 degrees out today). I've been having continual problems since, first a gasket went bad and had to be replaced, now the shop is telling me my compressor is toast. Does anyone know if original compressor in the car is R134a compatible? I'm thinking the conversion may have been too much for the compressor to handle? I'd appreciate any input anyone can give. Please e-mail me at [email protected]

Thank you!
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Where in AZ...?
Did you have the conversion done here..? If so, I'd take it back and make them fix it. If not, and you wanna get away from the shop you are going to..I know a guy that does A/C on the side. He used to work at a dealership, and now works for the company that sevices or fleet of vehicles at my work. He has done mine, and I am very happy with the outcome and cost vs. a shop. If you want his phone number..PM me
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