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I didn't want to do this...intake, header, exhaust, pulley, timing...97 hp. Good thing I dont race a lot....97 hp will make you get your butt kicked up and down the block. :( :p So I guess its Show time....not Go time. :(
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Niss200SXGTR said:

I think manuals, although equal HP, can be better, becuase of the way it is driven, and you can take the RPMS higher than auto's.
i think its more of a powerband thing. not to mention the manual gets another gear to play with. what i mean is if you have an auto, try driving in 1st or 2nd on the gearshift. press on the gas then let off. then hit the gas again. now imagine this feeling every time you shift, because of the slow down time between shifts, and being able to stay in gear and do that, without having to downshift.

our autos, even in od off shift smoother, so less neck yanking when accelerating, and still have to downshift at higher speeds.
barnoun said:
I use 2 hands and 2 feet, and I have an auto:D (2 hands on the wheel, and left foot braking)
lol, i do that too, but my family yells at me every time they catch me doing it. someing about if you did that in a driver's test they would fail you. hell i don't care, to me it makes sense to use the other foot for a brake, that way you can't pull an old lady and mash the gas when you ment to hit the brake. your other leg will reflexivly hit the brake.
Left Foot Braking.

i agree with barnoun. left foot braking IS a road racing technique. if any of you watched the Winston Cup race this past weekend at Wakens Glen, you probably saw drivers do this. though i think its' much more common at Sears Point.

double footting increases reaction times, you don't have to wait for you foot to move over. also even at DAYTONA, TALLEDEGA, drives "tap" the brake to slow the car down, but they don't loose momentium. especially needed with those restrictor plate engines.

it has also been used to keep a car in grip comming out of a turn. lightly touch the brakes, depending on car setup and track, can aid in reducing push. on cup cars it helps keep the front nose down to the ground.
true, but we were just getting the point that is used for good, when done right.
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