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Teknokid said:
I say, dont give up. so what if its 97 hp at the wheels. Without seeing or hearing your car i can tell you that it responds better to your foot mashing the pedal than it did before stock. There is just so much more you can do to your car to make it go faster. Dont limit your mind to just bolt ons. HOw about porting and polishing your GA. That should free up some horsepower. Extrude Honing is good too. Remember that our GA's respond well to head work and some other internal mods better than the D series Honda motors.

I drive a manual and I must say that I love it way better than automatic. IMO, automatics suck. Sure you can mash the pedal down a race track and it'll shift always but that takes the fun out of racing. ONe thing about auto's is this: They are predictable. They always shift before you can get optimal power, now on the other hand with a manual, if you are good you will always shift at the right time, only that you should figure out the best time to shift.
he went flying by me and two maximas that were racing on the way home from the meet on sat....with his ac on!!!!His car is fast but i also think that after all he has done that he should of atleast hit 100hp...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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