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I'm gonna have to change my radiator soon, so I would like to know what you guys think of electric fan...

The fact is that I'dd get a bigger radiator and I wouldn't have any more place for the mechanical fan I have right now. The car is getting near the 400 hp with a few upgrades of the turbo boost, new intercooler and stuff like that.

I've been told that electric fan give a few more hp, is that true, I mean less mechanical mean more electrical and that make the alternator function more so I dunno.

And I've read somewhere that most of the electric fan can't suck the air in my radiator as much as an mechanical one at high speed, but then again when you go fast you don't need to much work from your fan no?

Anyway thx for you comentaries, I will soon post pictures as my Z car is getting a new paint and probably my new dyno soon :)

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I have read multiple time of electric fans causing over heating problem. For some reason the Efans don't work well with our Z32 engine. I think it might be caused by how cramped the engine is in the engine bay. I also had a few friend that went the route and then went back to stock. In my opinion, I have not seen enough Z32's with Efans to run safe water temps.
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