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1993 Sentra XE=Another question - I've been having bad probs with my ride lately can anyone help out with some some answers??
-smoked every now and then from the muffler, like oil was burning
-asked mechanic that junked stock engine, why was the car rattling bad from the front end and smoking from the muffler
-replied what ever muffler shop set up your custom exhaust system jammed the piping in at an angle so exhaust could not leave the engine freely.
-also told that it had nothing to do with that by another mechanic, and was told the wide piping on a small car-backpressure would wear the engine.
-1st mechanic put in a used engine with 72,000 miles on it and replaced everything that might have helped the first engine die early it ran perfect for 3,000 miles.
-he replaced everything except the tranny. (spark plug wires, new oil pan...etc.) - stock piping was checked and put back on by mech. that put in the used engine.
-just last week i exited a highway and got to the red light to wait for a second then i got a green, hit the gas heard bad rattle sound in the front and the 3 cars behind me couldn't even see in front of them because of all the smoke that left my engine.

The only thing I could think of is being a 1.6L auto reg. mods could put a little too much force on the engine that would include
-dropped 2-inches
-17's on a 2-door
-bad used engine
-placeracing intake
or just the weather here in TX the engine just can't breathe from humidity and heat.
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