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Hey guys,

I bought a used 96 Maxima off a dealer (not official Nissan dealer) just 2 weeks ago. I drove just 54 km after the full fuel up and the fuel indicator is already at half point! I knew not to expect civic-like mileage but this is probably worst than 18 wheelers. I should point out though, that I did put 87 grade fuel (I didn't know about 91 and up; but now i do) and the brake pads are beginning to make some noise. Nonetheless, those two things by themselves are not likely to degrade fuel efficiency that badly, right?

I just wanted some input on my problem. Anyone know if there could be some serious problem causing this? I check for leaks - there are none. I used the a/c for less than 20 mins on the first day I brought the car. My driving style's is not rough. Lastly, I only did short city driving.

I shall fix the brakes and any other maintenance needed by this week and fuel her up again with 91 and see how it goes - I'll post the results!

Right now it's about 1 km per liter. Any thoughts? suggestions?
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