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Hey guys like others I've been experiencing the whole overheating problem on my 99.5 pathfinder. My local mechanic advised me that my pathy is missing what he called an A/C Relay Fan that goes right behind the front grill in front of the Radiator.

I am not the original owner of the truck so I'm not sure what this fan or area of the engine is supposed to look like?

Does anyone have a few pictures of their 99.5-02 Pathfinder engine bay I can look at to compare what exactly I'm missing and supposed to purchase? Please and thank you.

Also I noticed my outside thermometer temperature sensor on my roof console does not display temperature only ( --- ) is displayed next to the compass. From searching on here I read the temperature sensor is supposed to be right behind the front grill also.

Thanks in advance any pictures or info would help a great deal.
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