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My a/c belt continually keeps falling off while the engine is running, it's a brand new belt, and a brand new harmonic balancer. i'm tighting the idler pully, but it keeps coming off and it doesn't matter if the a/c is running or not, could the idler pully be bad? i tighten it so that their is about 1/8 give way in the belt. but it feels as if the pully can't get any tighter.
To put on a new muffler do you have to do the whole pipping system or can you just change the muffler itself?

'97 nissan pathfinder 3.3L V6 is the type of nissan that i have.

any help would be appreciated

thank you
Are you sure the balancer and belt are the exact same size as the new ones? I don't know, sorry.

As for the muffler, you can change that yourself, you don't need to do the pipes unless they are rotted or close to. You'll have to look underneathe to see if the muffler is welded on or clamped. If it's clamped you can do it yourself.

If it's welded, cut off the least amount of pipe so you'll still have some length of tubing to play with.
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