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dlonnie said:
My sentra occassionlly has a problem starting. My father thought that it was attributed to water in the fuel line because after 15 minutes of continully trying to get the engine to turn over it would. This time however after repeatedly trying to start it it whent from cracking to just a clicking. I thing i fried the starter. Where is the starter anyway? :loser:

Need some help

embarrassed science teacher
If it's just clicking and not turning over then it may be your starter. They do have a tendency to go on our otherwise reliable cars. The starter is below the throttle body on the transmission. Look for the ground cable on the battery and follow it down in the engine bay. The other end is connected to the starter on the bottom bolt. I'm curious to know about the cracking noise you describe, however. If the car doesn't want to start, give the starter a few taps with a tool, wrench, hammer, ect. If it starts right up after, then your starter will need to be replaced. If not, then more diagnostics will be in order.

Good luck
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