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for the past few weeks I have noticed a small leak in the driveway. After taking a look around the engine myself and underneath I noticed where the dripping oil was coming from and so forth. Took it to a shop to take a look and see if we saw the same problem. They told me the left and right oil gaskets were leaking, oil was dripping down the engine from both side (since they noticed both sides were wet with oil) and dripping down. I noticed the dripping to be only on the passenger side really, but oh well. They wanted about $300 to do that.

Another leak they said i had was the power steering pressure hose somewhere was leaking. i didnt notice it myself, they topped of the fluid but said it wasnt bad anyways.

Any ideas/self fixes here? anyone had the same issues before? severity of it? Its a 98 nissan pathfinder XE w/4x4 and 150,000 miles
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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