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Hey alls,

Can someone help real quick-

My 97 sentra gxe, came with 14inch tires and 4-lug wheels, I have a set of 5-lug rims and I was wondering if there was anyway to possibly fit the rims on the nissan?

And Is there a good place on the net to find good quality aftermarket Nissan parts (spoilers, wing kits, nitrous kits, cosmetic parts)?

Thanks in Advance y'all!

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take them to a machine shop? my friend had a 94 sentra and wanted to use his old rims that were on his wrecked sunbird...I think they charged him about 45 bucks a wheel to machine new lug holes to mate up to the 4x100 bolt pattern? Hope it helps?

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Thanks Y'all!

Hey Thanks for the advice,

I'll just sell the 5-lugs and use that to get new rims!Sounds a lot easier

Are there any good net stores for Nissan Aftermarket parts?

Thanks in Advance!
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