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Hey yall... I've been looking through these forums for a while now trying to learn more about my car.

I purchased it about 2 years ago with 43000 miles on it. Since then i've been doing oil changes about every 4000 miles but thats about it. The brakes basically wore out so those had to be replaced, along with my torn CV joints. I'm nearing 70000 miles right now and along with getting my tranny fluid flushed and new coolent, im trying to figure out what other maintenance I should do to it.

When I got the car inspected before i purchased it, they said i'd need a timing belt replacment at 60000 miles (yeah... so much for that happening) but what i've read in here, its not a belt but a chain, and it doesnt need replacement.

So yeah, for anyone experienced (or not, cause you all still probably know more than me) could you please give me the rundown on everything i should get done..

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