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A few months ago the Pathfinder shut off while being driven. When trying to start the car it would crank over fine however it would not actually start.

1 in 20 or so starts 1 cylinder would 'kick over' and it would thump that 1 cylinder about 3-9 times before dying.

Took it home and have done the following,

1) Changed fuel pump.
2) Changed fuel filter.
3) Changed distributor.
4) Changed wires/cap/rotor/plugs.
5) Changed water pump and timing belt (not related but was needed).

The car has about 140k miles on it.

When I canged out the fuel pump/filter there was no change at all. It would not start and occasionally it would start with 1 cylinder. I took off the return fuel line off of the injection system and it was full of air bubbles. Much like an aquarium decoration, it just kept bubbling.

We thought we were getting air locked.

Looked all over the motor and could not find any leaks.

I then did the tune up and changed out the usual stuff (wires/cap/rotor/plugs). After doing this the car started normally. Thought I had it nailed.

It started about 4-5 times and even drove fine.

Then it died and started doing the exact same thing.

While looking for more information I saw a post on the MAF. Cleaned it with 91% rubbing alcohol and let it dry. The car started up fine and sounded very good.

I thought this was the ticket at first since I had just cleaned the K&N

Then it died again.

Next was the distributor. Got a new one and changed it out. The car started up the first time and a few times after that. Then it died again and would not start.

I then went to do what I knew would work, water pump/timing belt. Made sure the timing was set right and fired her up.

Came up right away and ran strong. The wife took it on 2 trips of a couple miles each and it ran fine.

Next morning it died.

I then went and got MAF cleaner (thinking it might be that and the posts stated that it would kill the car). Sprayed it on and let it dry.

Car starts.

Then after a bit it dies.

Tried combinations now of cleaning, pulling things, advancing/retarding the timing, waiting a couple days, jumping it, etc.

At best I can get it to run a few times where it performs very well and then when it dies it dies.

Does anyone have any ideas on what some next steps might be?

The wires on the MAF appear to be fine however it is a $350+ part to test the theory that it is bad.

I do not have a reader and I have not tried to see the codes coming off of it (mainly since it is not been reliable enough to take anywhere).
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