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Hi, I have a 97 Nissan Maxima. It's 88,000 miles. I have a question about the key. My key can open the door and ignition but cannot start the car.

I bought the car from a friend. When I bought it, I found the car only has one key, and the key didn't seem to be the original one because the key has a Subaru mark on it. But since the key has no problem to start the car, I didn't think it's a problem. Several days ago, I went to Home Depot to duplicate the key as I need a spare key. Just after the duplication, I tried the duplicated key and it functioned well. I drove back with this duplicated key. However, yesterday, when I used the duplicated key to try to start the car again, it failed. I tried to use the original key (the one with the Subaru mark I got when I bought the car), and found that now the key couldn't start the car either. It could only open the door and ignition but couldn't start the car. What should I do? I don't think the key has any transponder on it because it's a 97 car. Should I go to a local dealer?
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