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Yep, they are universal. the bumper will have mounting points pre-drilled, and hopefully, your car will have the wiring harness already installed.

the harness where the lights mount should either just be hanging there somewhere, or wrapped in with the headlight harness.

did you also get the different turn signal switch, with the fog light on/off switch in it? if not, you will need this. if so, ignore this lol.

and the harness for the extra switch on the turn signal paddle, if already installed on your car, will be wrapped in with a cluster of wires in the steering column. you have to take off the knee guard, and the black box surrounding the steering column itself to be able to get at it and run the wires through. the black box has 4 screws holding it together on the bottom side, and then just snaps apart. you may have to use a screw driver to pry it open.

If ya got anymore questions, let me know n I'll try to see your reply, or someone else on here can help ya out. :p

Oh, and if ya dont have the wiring harness pre-installed from the factory, it was like $38 or $48 from the dealer. I bought it because i didnt know they came pre-installed. but if it didnt i wanted to be prepared.
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