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'97-'98 side skirts for my '96 240...

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I'm looking for some factory '97 side skirts to put on my '96 240sx. Does anyone know of any good sites for this? About how much are they? My friend said that they'll probably go for $600-$800. Another buddy of mine said that I can get them for less than $200 (only they aren't oem, but close enough).

I don't care if they're officially produced by Nissan or not, I just want to get my hands on these side skirts for the least amount of money possible. Any help on this would be great. Thanks. :cheers:
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have u tried junk yards? part outs? ebay?
Yes, but I would like to hear what you guys have to say about it. You might know something that I don't... :rolleyes:
well if you want them cheap i would think the best way is to just stay UBER alert and snatch them up in a part out or a junk yard. any where else they will "new old stock" and quit $$$. the $tealership will charge an arm and a leg for stuff like that.
Yeah I know. I called a few places and they were giving me #s in the 500-1000 dollar range.
................ :jawdrop: these were junk yards or shops/dealerships?
Not junk yards. Shops.

My friend's dad owns his own shop. He works on Nissans, mainly 240s. I asked him how much '97 side skirts would go for and he told me $800.
^ that sounds WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to expensive. but idk 240 parts :rolleyes: i could get a full body kit for a b13 sentra for only $430

sounds like he wants to rape you :thumbup: (in the wallet of course)
800 bux for a pair of side skirts that outrageous.. even jdm ones dont cost that much !

time to call our buddy greg v at 866-55-MOSSY and tell him your situation and what you need :thumbup:
dude just get some aftermarket polyurethane sideskirts you can go mild or wild depending on your taste just whatever you get dont get fiberglass go poly-fiber of polyurethane they just seem to fit and paint better.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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