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You can pick up a small/decent amount of power from a Cold Air Intake, Lightweight Pulleys, and maybe a tiny bit from a flywheel (which is much more helpful for quickening acceleration than hp.) A high-flow cat might also do some good, but I dunno how much, if at all. After that, you get off the bolt-on tricycle and onto some pretty good power adders, particularly a JWT Cams/ECU combo. If you want more speed and still wanna keep the auto, you would want to modify the valve body and get a higher-stall torque converter. Once you have all that, you have some options. You can stay all-motor and port the head, get some higher-comp pistons/titanium rods (if there are any, if not custom) and get some serious tuning done to squeeze out the last bit of horsepower. The 2nd, and my favorite option, is a turbo kit, which can be done on an auto, and if you feel like it, ask lshadoff, he's a supermod on here. If you just want a little more speed and don't want to go for those, then a small shot of Nitrous, preferably with fuel/ignition upgrades and the corresponding JWT program would be a good bet. I hope I've been helpful
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