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Good day all! New here so I'll give you some background.

I'm a moderator on a travel forum so being I need advice I thought (correctly) there must be a Nissan forum. So here I am!

I've got a sister in law with a 96 Nissan Sentra, 64K orig. miles.

Problem is she is afraid to talk to mechanics. With that said her car sits allot, and with little to no preventive maintenance it now is very hard to start.

After speaking with her, she told me it would not start at all. I went by and after a good 5 min. of trying I did get it to start, run and restart.

While attempting to start the car it sounded like it wanted to catch but would not quite make it. Battery and starter were turning fine. I went to the exhaust pipe and could smell fuel in the exhaust.

Once I did get it to run it ran fine, turned it off and restarted without a problem.

I told her to get to a mech. or my mech. and replace all of her filters (Air, fuel etc.) any sensors that may effect starting and running, spark plugs and wirers.

Can someone of you recommend anything else that might need changing out. Both her motor oil and Trans. oil looked good.

Thank you all in advance! Forums are a great resource to have.

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