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I have a 1996 Sentra GLE, manual 5-speed, about 150,000 miles. It started having trouble starting about 2 months ago. Acted like the battery was dead, wouldn't crank. Wiggling the key around seemed to help and she started up. No more issues for about a month, then "dead" again. Jump started fine, checked the battery, it's fine. Replaced the alternator, it tests strong when the car runs. She started fine 4 times in a row, then dead again. Started with a jump and started to drive it down my lane and it died, like I'd turned off the key. Now it only starts with a jump. The battery still tests 12 volts. Power at the ignition switch when she's running is 13 volts at the green wire, at the black/pink, at the black/red, and at the white/blue. When the key is in the "run" position but the car is not running I get 7 volts at all the above. When the car is running, if I turn on the radio and the hazard lights the car almost dies.
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