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jwenig said:
My dealership wants to charge me a lot of money I really don't have to fix the following... I was think of doing it myself, can a person who knows a little about cards do the following:

1. Replace all the belts?
2. Replace the P/S Line reservior to the Pump... I have no idea which line this is... what does P/S mean?
3. Replace Fog Lamp Assembly, both sides.
4. Replace Knock Sensor.

These fixes are for a 1996 Altima with 150K on it.

Also, my OBD is returning an error code for the knock sensor, If I repair the item myself, do I have to get someone or can I clear the error out, or will the computer be smart enough to clear out the error by itself... how does that work?

Thanks so much,
P/S should be power steering. Based on my 02 Altima (i know its a stretch), the only problem that a shadetree mechanic would have would be that power steering line. The rest would be easy. But thats on a QR25DE.

That being said, i'm sure that there are plenty of people that could help you with your KA (I think its a KA?)
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