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i just bought it today actually now im having problems... lol
if i hit a bump the radio cuts out and sometimes the all my gauges. but it still runs but wont build boost properly. it seems like its back firing about 3k and wont go past that then everything comes back on sometimes and it runs fine other than boost leak it is set at 12 and leaks to 9 under boost when it running right. does anybody know if they make a wireing harness for the sr20det for a 96 200sx? i need help or if anybody lives in western pa.... lol

im just wondering if its worth just buying a new harness if there is one out there. ooorrr going and pulling shit off and making sure its just not a bad ground. and what kind of maf should be on there??? i need help... i want it to run right... lol:wtf: (always get bad cars.....)
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