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95 Sentra XE Brake Caliper Bracket!

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Hi guys:

had a sort of grinding noise from the front passenger side when braking, So i decided to change the brakes.

Pulled the drivers side off and everything went as smooth as it could!
Howver on the passenger side the caliper bracket was shot - and one of the tips would not move like it should - anyway to cut story short, got a replacement part from Advanced Auto - this part looks like the old part, but is tad bit bit taller and now when I put it back together the caliper touches thbodye wheel and wont let it move freely!

This is the same part available at all the auto stores and has the same part number!

Has anybody changed the brake caliper bracket on their car and had any problems? also anyone have ideas about this part?


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have you depressed the brake pedal hard yet
this will move the caliper to its normal position.
If that doesn't do it see where there are rub marks and see if u can figure out why !

The part from Advance is about a good inch taller(rather an inch wider) than the OEM part.

Hence the problem. Thats causing the brake cylinder to rub against and touch the wheel!

do the pads line up with the disc correctly ?
My guess is that its the wrong part, it doesnt fit !!!
when you say the same part number, the same number on the casting ?

the pads fit in right but the caliper sits a little too tight and hence touches the inside of the wheel!

the part number at Advance is 619-505 and its the same at autozone or napa!
yes but is the number on the part thats cast-in correct, assuming it has one, it wont be the first time the wrong part was put in a box
Do you have the 9.1 inch dia brakes same as my 97 ?

the cast-in number is the same as well.

also am not sure what size brakes they are and I have the standard brakes that came on my car.
The cast in numbe rI remember on my AD22vf's were in the piston assembly not the torque member / bracket.
I suggest you go back to the store, ask them to open another box and compare. tell them it doesn't fit, hits the wheel.
I think the number you are seeing is on the piston assembly.
take a ruler and measure the diameter of your rotor to about 1/8 accuracy.
It should measure 9 1/8 if you have the 9.1 inch brakes.
If you have the same OEM as me I will take photos for you.

thanks for your time. I went to the junk yard and bought a caliper brakcet from there for about 15 bucks!

it fit right in and I had the car back and running in about 10 minutes

thanks for your help and good luck

chances are you had a caliper for the se-r or you got one from a b13 or something
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