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I just bought a 95 Pathfinder XE 4X4. It rained the other day and the wipers would not work. After checking fuse under the Dash (good). I put a little rap
on the light brown box mounted on the wiper motor and they began an inter mitten wipe but would not shut off at wiper switch. So I unplugged the connector right at the wiper motor. It was full of corrosion. Clean it out and plugged it back up. Still the wipers would not shut off or respond to a different speed setting at the wiper switch. I went to a local Nissan dealer parts department and he unable to find wiper relay, wiper control unit (without part numbers), other fuse and relay locations or show an exploded view, give a location of parts on the car, in another words very not helpful to say the least.
Thanks for the help.
P.S. - The previous owner said the door locks stop working after he installed a stereo. I wonder if he may have messed up the ground?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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