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95 Pathfinder fuel gauge question

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I did a search in the Pathfinder forum for fuel gauge issues, but didn't come up with an answer to this question. I'm sure I saw something about this somewhere in here before, but I can't find it now.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but I'm looking for some reassurance. My 95 Pathfinder LE (V-6, A/T) has a 21.1 gallon tank. I just bought this rig a few days ago, and it was reading pretty close to empty (maybe 1/8th tank) when I picked it up from the guy I bought it from. I didn't pay much attention when I filled it, but looking back at the receipt, I only put 12 gallons into it, and that was after topping it off. That means I had around 9 gallons left while only reading under 1/8th of a tank. Today the gauge read just barely over half full and I filled up again, this time putting in 6 gallons including top-off.

I'm guessing I have a fuel tank float switch (quantity indicator switch) that needs replacing, right? Or is there something else inherent with this car that I should be looking at first?

This was driving me nuts because I thought at first I was only getting about 10-12 mpg, but after realizing the gauge was off, I'm really getting around 19 mpg...much more acceptable!

Thanks all you Pathy guru's!

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I suspect these trucks have poor fuel level sensors. Ours is ok except that it never reads above about 85% full, even if it's stuffed to the filler. And it is pessimistic at the low end of the scale. I've heard of one other case where it would not read all the way full.
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