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I tried the search function and I did see some advice on similar models pertaining to this, but it did not quite answer my question. There was mention about disconnecting a box under the seat on some models, but I am unsure if that will work on a 1995 model.

I have a 1995 Pathfinder and the alarm has gone kind of nuts on me. While I was at work today, it beeped and beeped for nearly 8 hours straight. The rocker switch has been in the "off" position for years, but suddenly it does not want to obey the switch anymore. It will go off when it is by itself and no one is near it. Perhaps it was not the best thing to do, but under advice of a pathfinder owner I work with (who swore he did this and it worked), I cut the leads to the rocker switch in a desperate attempt to shut that alarm off.

I popped the hood tonight, desperate to try anything to shut the car up. One thing I did notice was that the siren was badly messed up. It had cracked from its mounting, fell into the engine and melted. I removed it and disconnected the wires, taking care to tape them up so they would not short. I don't know if that is part of the problem or not, but it could not have helped. AFter doing this, the alarm swill was going off.

If I drive this to work tomorrow and the alarm goes off again, one of the people living near my shop is likely to turn my pathfinder into a carbeque. Is there anything I can do to do away with this alarm?

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Alarming Alarm System

Had the same alarm horn problem .... melted plastic & fell off.
The rocker switch might not be the problem.

My '95 Pathfinder V6-SE had a rusty busted hood sensor alarm switch.
There might be a pressure switch for the hood located just below the wipers.
That might be setting off the alarm even if the system is disabled.
The total disable would be to remove the power fuse to the alarm.
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