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I have a 95 Nissan truck. I will hopefully be getting a new truck soon, but until then I have a problem to fix.

My right tail light and brake light worked and the left tail light was not working. I opened up the left one and noticed that the bulb just wasn't fitting correctly. So I pushed it down and got it snug. After I did this though the brake light stayed on when the lights were on. I'm talking about the filament part of the bulb stayed on. So the right tail light was working and instead of the left tail light being on the brake light was on instead.

I had never inspected the bulb housing before until now and noticed that there is a little black wire that is where the current for the brake light comes from. When I removed this wire from touching the metal housing of the bulb the brake filament would turn off and the tail light filament would work correctly.

So I'm not sure if this is something more serious with the wiring or perhaps it's just a fuse thing or a computer thing.

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