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Since you're replying to a 13 year old post, the OP may not even be on the forum anymore or probably has figured it out back then or has sold the car. We try to encourage members not to reply to threads older then 2 years old; it takes up useless space on the server. If you have a situation, you're more then welcome to start a new thread; you'll get much better response this way.

However to answer your question, the average throw-out bearing replacement cost ranges between $400 and $1500, with almost all of that cost being labor. That’s because an aftermarket throw-out bearing only typically only costs between $10 and $30. But while the price of a throw-out bearing is so cheap, it’s challenging to get to. You have to remove the entire transmission, making it one of the more complicated jobs to do yourself.
The post is about "input shaft" bearing, not the "throw-out" bearing.. It's a bit more work and the bearing is a lot more expensive!
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