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So im driving home and right when i get home i feel the engine a little rougher like it want to die. so i pop the hood and notice that the engine is vibrating to much i emmediatly thought one of the mounts was lose. Well it turns out theys are all fine, so i started checking out the connection and everything looks fine i checked the plugs they look fine so i decided to check the injectors by unpluging them one at a time while the engine is on and found out that the #2 injector was bad. SO i get a new one put it in and still the engine vibrates to much then i thought the coils, checked them and they're all fine then i checked the connections and found out the the #2 coil wire is bad. The positive and negative are good but its the 3rd wire thats bad. i have a manual that says that this wire goes to the ECU. So i checked the check engine light and 1 of the codes indecated was that either the ECU was bad or a cicuit was faulty. So i emmediately thought that was it, so what im wodering is if i can fix this electrical problem or should i just get a new ECU?

Also i recently talked to a guy and he said that maybe the timing got out of place and that maybe that could be a problem too, but i dont think that would have anything to do with it but i am going to check it tommorow just in case that it may be causing a problem.

any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated !!!
thanks in advance!
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