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I want to put a 95 head on my 91 block after I do some tinkering with it of course....can some one give a list of things that I will need to to to make this swap happen...

in the mean time Im gonna put the later model cams in the 91 head and see what happens...hehe

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I've heard putting a 95+ GA16DE (B14) intake cam into a previous GA16DE (B13) will give it a tad bit more pull up top. Only a handful of individuals have tried this to my knowledge, some have even said it isn't really worth it.... unless you are itching to tweak your car and do something different.

Sorry, I don't have any information about swapping the head.

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es motor mounts
front strut bar
a/c removed
a/c alternator bracket reworked
adv timing
coolant by pass
z tt rad cap
gutted interior
spare tire well removed(plate welded in place)
redline MTL
synthetic oil
bosch plat +4 plugs
cone filter
functional hood scoop
turbo muffler
short shifter
intrax springs
13" 5 spoke hammer rims
custom grill and lower grill
ghetto clear side makers
xenon corners
xenon headlights
4" front air dam(DG RACING Skirt)
bracing from hood removed
starting to fill in bodylines
se-r inner tail lights
maxima compartment in center console(the one with the door)
did I miss anything??lol:rolleyes:
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