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95 Altima spoiler help

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Does anyone have any suggestions on a aftermarket spoiler for a 95 Altima, everyone says my car needs one and I agree. I've looked around allot. Any suggestions on what looks good for the alty? And how hard A spoiler was the install? I need some opinions. Thanks
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pretty easy if you get one thats color-matched (it would be strictly a bolt-on affair)

I think a stock one or something small and understated would look the best on the tail of that car

this one actually looks pretty good IMO
Thats a nice looking spoiler, the back end w\o one looks like shit.
I think that would go good with the body kit im looking at.
Thanks Dfarr :thumbup:
just like Radioaktiv said..stick to like OEM style or close to it. I like them either OEM or little bit higher. Check out some of the rides at, this way you'll be able to find some pics of altimas with different spoilers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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