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Hey guys, posted this on another Nissan forum so hopefully those of you who frequent both won't attack me lol. Just trying to get some answers here.

I just bought a 95 Altima for a very good price ($200). Car has 200K on it, and ran fine up until 3 days ago. Went to hop in it, and wouldn't start. Motor spins, but no fire. So far, I've checked....

-Spark plugs have spark. Pulled each one and grounded it out while spinning the motor. Cap/rotor/wires/plugs are new
-I'm getting fuel to the rail. Pull the hose off the fuel filter and bumped the key. Fuel is flowing fine.
-Pulled the oil cap and the valvetrain is spinning so the chain (or belt) is in tact

Dunno where to go from this point. The car threw a knock sensor code a while back for the previous owner which I did not know until today. Could a bad knock sensor cause the car not to fire at all?

Any other input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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