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When you guys say your doing the GC AGX setup, are you:

1-getting the B14 rear and B13 front or
2-getting the B14 front and rear AGX's

I heard that by getting the B13 fronts, you can comfortably set the coilovers lower. WHat do you think of this setup?

There is a GB going on for: B14 KYB AGX's for $370. With that said, would it be worth it to participate in this GB or spend the extra $60 and get the b14 rear and B13 front.

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JT200SX-N-FX said:
It does it all the time, cluncking and clacking. Even some of the people that have taped them up, and silicone glued them like the write up, still get the noises. The bad thing is, once you tape them, and glue them, you are stuck with them forever, no selling them. That's whey I haven't done it. I plan on running regular springs for daily driving, and the GC for show slamming purposes only.
If you get the clucking noise, try jacking the car up and rotating the the spring a little bit. Sometimes if can shift a little..

If you're afriad of doing the silicone becuase it's permenant, remember you can buy just the sleeves from GC and re-use the springs and the rest of the hardware later.

The whole point of most of this isn't your tires rubbing... it's suspension travel.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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